Paul R. Henry has 30 years of experience in the Greater Hickory Metro.

Paul R. Henry graduated from Lenoir-Rhyne College in 1992 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration (BA) with a concentration in Economics.  In 1994, Paul obtained a Masters Degree in Public Administration (MPA) from Appalachian State University with a concentration in Town, City & County Management.

Paul entered the real estate appraisal profession in 1995 and served his apprenticeship under mentor and friend, Bruce E. Meisner.

During this time, Paul R. Henry has been very active in the community and has faithfully served the following organizations:

Paul R. Henry possesses a unique combination of education, experience and service to his community. With 30 years of local area experience, extensive networking & more than 23 years of real estate market knowledge, you can order with confidence from Paul R. Henry Real Estate Appraisal.