Q: Paul, I thought you were an appraiser. What is this Current Listings page all about?

A: Yes, I'm a full-time appraiser but I also hold a NC Brokers License. And from time to time I'll assist people with buying or selling a home.

Q: You don't do the appraisals on the homes you list or sell do you?

A: Absolutely not. It's so important to keep things above board. Different appraisal firms are always utilized in any transaction where I serve in an agent capacity.

Q: You know, that actually makes pretty good sense to have you as an agent. I mean, who else knows values better than an appraiser?

A: Exactly! I’ve been at this for 25 years and there are not many homes in this area that I haven’t either been in or know the history of. My appraisal knowledge really helps my clients become as educated and confident as possible during the process. And that’s the goal.

Q: Alrighty then…show me what you have available:

A: I'm glad you asked…If you see something you like just call or e-mail me.  Happy Surfing!!!

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